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Latest Competition Results:

2015 Ben Gutenberg Memorial SYC
Y-14 Men's Foil
James Chen - 5th
Mike Jones - 7th

Y-12 Men's Foil
James Chen - 1st

2015 Györ, Hungary Junior Men's Foil World Cup
Sam Moelis - 7th
Willie Upbin - 17th

Brooklyn Fencing Sept. Youth Tournament
Y-12 Mixed Foil
Nicky Baumstein - 1st
Mario Montes - 6th
Sebastian Klein - 7th
Palak Srivastava - 8th

Thrust Fall ROC
Div1A Women's Foil
Zoe Superville - 5th
Morgan Lee - 11th
Sarah Poncet - 20th

2015 FIE World Championships
Men's Foil
Race Imboden - 9th
Congratulations to Race Imboden on winning the FIE Men's Foil World Cup! Race finished the 2014-2015 season as the top ranked Men's Foil Fencer in the world. He is the first American male fencer to ever achieve this!

2015 US Fencing Summer Nationals
Junior Men's Foil
Willie Upbin - 3rd

Cadet Men's Foil
Joey Marino - 6th
Ernest Chen - 9th

Div. 2 Men's Foil
Ben Carlick- 5th

Mission Fencing's SYC 2015
Y14 Women’s Foil
Zoe Superville - 2nd

Y14 Men's Foil
Cameron Levy - 2nd
Jasper Levy - 5th
James Chen - 10th

Y12 Women’s Foil
Lauren Kim - 13th

Y12 Men's Foil
James Chen - 6th

Y10 Men's Foil
Nicky Baumstein - 5th
Avery Gilbert-Goldstein - 6th

Jeff Wolfe ROC 2015 at Mission
Div 1A Senior Men's Foil
Eoin Gronningsater - 2nd
Joey Marino - 5th

C & Under Senior Men's Foil
Ben Carlick - 3rd

C & Under Senior Women's Foil
Sarah Poncet – 8th

2015 Pan-Am Zonal Championships
Men's Foil
Race Imboden - 1st

2015 April NAC
Y-14 Men's Foil
Nicolas Del Puerto - 16th

Y-10 Men's Foil
Avery Gilbert-Goldstein - 9th
Nicky Baumstein - 15th

2015 Cadet & Junior World Championships
Cadet Men's Foil
Sam Moelis - 1st
Sam is the 2015 Cadet Men's Foil World Champion!

Junior Men's Foil
Sam Moelis - 7th

2015 Havana, Cuba Men's Foil Grand Prix
Race Imboden - 3rd
Race is now ranked #2 in the world!

2015 Division I National Championships
Division I Men's Foil
Sam Moelis - 1st
David Kong II - 5th

BCAF Y-12 Men's Foil Event
Nicky Baumstein - 2nd

Congratulations to Sam Moelis on being selected for both the 2015 U.S. Cadet and Junior World Championship Teams!

2015 Junior Olympics
Y-17 Men's Foil
Eoin Gronningsater - 8th
Earnest Chen - 9th
Tyler Marcos - 10th

Y-20 Men's Foil
Cameron Levy - 13th

2015 Lowe von Bonn Senior World Cup - Bonn, Germany
Race Imboden - 5th

Challenge Licaccardi Junior World Cup - Aix-en-Provence, France
Sam Moelis - 11th
Sam is now ranked #1 in the U.S. in both U-17 and U-20 Men's Foil.

Brooklyn Fencing February Junior Foil
Ben Carlick - 1st

NJFA Region #3 Doc D'Ambola RYC
Y-10 Men's Foil: Avery Gilbert-Goldstein - 1st
Nicky Baumstein - 3rd

Y-12 Men's Foil: Nicky Baumstein - 7th

Brooklyn Fencing January Youth Foil
Y-12 Mixed Foil: Nicolas del Puerto - 1st
Y-10 Men's Foil: Sebastian Klein - 3rd
Y-10 Women's Foil: Lucy Sheldon - 2nd

2015 C.I.P. World Cup - Paris, France
Race Imboden - 1st
Race is now ranked #3 in the world.

Liberty FC Foil Open
Tyler Marcos – 2nd

Cobra Div II ROC
Sarah Poncet – 8th

Fencer's Club School Partnership Fencing Tournament
Sofia Daniel – 1st
Joseph Santullo – 2nd
Stefano DeLeonardis – 3rd

Salt Lake City January NAC
Div 1 Men's Foil
Sam Moelis - 3rd
Eoin Gronninsater - 16th

Junior Men's Foil
Sam Moelis - 5th
David Kong - 7th

Junior Women's Foil
Kate Northrop - 6th

Brooklyn Fencing January Foil Open
Sarah Poncet – 13th

8th Annual Barbara Lynch Charity RYC
Y-14 Women's Foil
Lauren Kim – 3rd

Y-10 Men's Foil
Nicky Baumstein – 3rd

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